lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

About risking

Sophie Lewis, una de las responsables de esta increíble y arriesgada aventura llamada And Other Stories habla acerca de los primeros dos años de la editorial y le dedica unas líneas a Opendoor:

Finally, we asked Sophie to select a single title from the publisher’s incredible list that she was personally most proud of having published.

“Open Door, by Iosi Havilio. With some of our books, it’s been obvious to me that anyone in their right minds should want to publish them. With this one, it was much more a personal chiming – and at the same time, a greater risk. This book has mystified and even turned off quite a few readers. It has equally found a certain community of readers who understand what it is about – and it is oblique, strange, Durassian, for my taste – for whom it is an important step forward in literature.”

El resto, por aquí.